In multiple sclerosis, hardened patches due to inflammation are scattered at random throughout the brain and spinal cord, interfering with the nerves in these areas. Hence, the disease is also called disseminated sclerosis. Why these patches become inflamed and hardened is still unknown. The hard patches come and go. The symptoms depend on the portion of the nervous system that is affected. Since the location, extent, and duration of the injuries vary, it is difficult to describe a typical case of multiple sclerosis.

Symptoms and effects of multiple sclerosis

The most common of these symptoms are:

A tremor or shaking of the limbs, often making the person weak, and interfering with fine movements such as sewing or writing. Speech may become slow and toneless.

Unsteadiness in walking and inability to maintain balance.

Stiffness in walking, the knees failing to bend.

Difficulties in vision. The person may see double or lose part of the visual field.

Paralysis, which may occur in any part of the body.


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